Iraqi chaos

Iraq is a country of noise, dust and stench of exhaust fumes. It is a place where dynamic development is inhibited by a difficult geopolitical situation.

View of the area from a very high skyscraper. About 12 o'clock, a temperature so difficult to bear that practically hardly anyone decided to leave without a car. Walking in such heat is quite difficult, especially in exhaust fumes.

It turns out that in a country where all the money earned goes into your pocket, health care is not in the best condition. According to a study conducted among Kurdish medics, most of them are strongly dissatisfied with its level. They mainly point to the lack of support for the poor, terrible care for families and the need to introduce a health insurance system.

Life in Kurdistan seems normal and slow, companies are open. It does not feel that the southern part of the country is constantly under attack. The advantage of the bazaar is that you can buy really fresh vegetables that look taken straight out of the farm.

Although the roof is thin, the heat has become much less annoying - the smallest shade allows to breathe calmly.

Thanks to the thoughtful exposition, it is not difficult to decide on the best hijab. Similarly, every woman can find the perfect burqa in the best color available here.

The bazaar is looked after by people hidden in an air-conditioned room.

From Erbil is not too far from e.g. Baghdad, however, being a tourist, you may have trouble getting there - unlike the north, the rest of the country does not issue on-arrival visas.

Jalil Khayat Mosque seen from street level - against its background the unfinished fountain comes off really poorly.

Street vendors can be found in many places. No one cared too much about garbage on the streets and at the same time it is impossible for an Arab country to exist without a market full of delicate, stylish carpets.

Evening life to the fullest, people try to take up virtually every piece of space.

It is very easy to get lost at the bazaar - from time to time you can find a shortcut, but they are usually abandoned and dark.

In the evening, the streets are filled with people who sit, eat and enjoy the company of friends.

After shopping for clothing, you can quickly catch a snack for a dollar or two.

Street food in preparation - it is extremely cheap, tastes great, and vegetables are fresh.

There is nothing more important than chai (tea)! You can buy it anywhere, it costs less than a dollar, and it is served in small cups with lots of sugar. The woman holding the tea tray walked up to the men and offered them a few cups.

Erbil is colossal, which in the absence of a communication system makes the car the basic means of transport. Regardless of the time, the streets are filled with dozens of cars driving in different directions.

As already mentioned, the alleys are quite dark, however, I never felt threatened.

New housing estates are popping up constantly and can be seen practically everywhere.

Many sellers spend their time talking to friends without caring too much about sales. In the last picture, a refrigerator full of vegetables and kebabs ready to eat.

The children sit on top of the old town of Erbil.

The flag of Iraqi Kurdistan proudly flies in the very center of the old town.

The carpet museum in the old town has a fairly interesting collection of photographs at the entrance.