Rainy Zanzibar

A mistake in the Oman Air online ticketing service allowed the purchase of incredibly cheap tickets to the "paradise". Although it was not the time of the year to visit the Tanzanian island, it was a pity not to take advantage of it.

Pobyt na wyspie polegał na próbach unikania deszczu. W większość dni padało, zwalniając nieco wyłącznie wieczorami. Odkrywanie nie zajmowało zbyt dużo czasu, gdyż cały teren wzdłuż można przejechać w parę godzin.

It took quite a long time to reach the first place after landing in Zanzibar. The small village seemed a bit scary at night, mainly because we had to find a host there with no coverage.

At first we had no idea what to do as the place was a few kilometers from Nungwi and we were unable to call anywhere. Asking locals, a man in a blue T-shirt appeared. From the conversation it turned out that he knew our host and informed her of our arrival, and after giving directions for the route, he waved goodbye.

As the rainy season was approaching, the next morning began with a downpour. On the streets, children went to school, and residents went to work.

With the dawn of the day, the company organizing water attractions was closed. In the picture one of the most popular words in Swahili, you can find it in a lot of places, probably because it works like a magnet on tourists.

The village of Nungwi by day turned out to be a collection of primitive houses and puddles formed after the rain.

Buses are really cheap, so most locals use them as transport between villages and cities. They turned out to be much more comfortable than their cheaper alternative - Dala Dala, which are very tight and do their best to gas travelers with exhaust fumes. While driving, you can see unaccompanied children wandering along the road.

Quite an unusual sight are the cows left alone on the beach. The beach in the town of Paje is truly heavenly with sand almost as white as paper.

When the storm started, the chicken bar was the safest place.