Visiting Jordan

Middle Eastern countries are usually full of surprises, polite gestures and memorable moments. No different was Jordan, a neighbor of countries such as Israel, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

Shortly after leaving the airport, the road was blocked by a taxi driver who did not understand the word "no". Screaming, turning away from him or threats didn't help. He only let go when the police, interested in the event, arrived.

The Jordanian truck driver did not speak English, so most of the journey took place in silence, trying to express words with gestures. He smoked very strong cigarettes, which could barely be endured with the windows only slightly open. At one point, the driver happily asked to take a picture of him.

The truck window was cracked, the engine roared, and the whole vehicle was jumping on a bumpy road. At one point, my attention was drawn to the pickup truck. No one, absolutely no one paid the attention of the driver who drove 100 km/h with the children on the back, who played together, showing different faces towards our truck.

Aqaba turned out to be relatively loud at night, full of people doing their business and sneaking from point to point. In the midst of this hustle and bustle was a man resting in the park on a bench.

Pets are not very popular in Jordan, the effects of which can be seen every step. The semi-blind cat hid on a tree, following the intruders with the only eye.

Just before the road to the Wadi Rum desert, the abandoned camels wandered thoughtlessly. Tourists can buy a tour of the area on a pickup.

Only on foot could you come across specimens that could not cope with the heat and lack of water after breaking away from the group.

On the other hand, there was not even a trace of any source of water.

A small mining town near Petra illuminated under the night sky. Some houses had unusual, rocky yards.

In the morning you could see cars heading to the mine.

The mountainous area around Petra is filled with dozens of unusual formations.

Muslims pray on the sidelines, hidden from tourists.

The abandoned goat wandered mindlessly in the mountains around Petra.