Przemysław Pędziwiatr

Photography drew me in irretrievably at the moment of my first encounter with a digital camera with 32MB of memor, powered by two AA batteries. It was hard to get past 50 shots on one set of cells, ending up frantically rummaging through drawers looking for another set. The joy ended with the trip back home, because only friends of the parents had this technological miracle.

Soon after I got a camera with rechargeable batteries. This, and the increase in card capacity, allowed me to go to the city without worrying about a quick return with a dead and overfilled device. Sometimes I look through archived photos from those years and shake my head, but that's how progress works - it starts from the bottom, you have to put hands in the mud, and then try to make a sculpture out of it, which, anyway, immediately falls apart. After years of practice, this mud is slowly taking shape.

Tens of thousands of photos later, I can finally shape something out of this mud. I am constantly looking for new techniques, inspirations, ideas and places that will not only expand my photographic knowledge, but also strengthen the conceptual side.

I have been traveling for many years, having visited around 70 countries and this number is constantly growing. In the destinations I visit, I try to select the parts that make up the organism - city, village, social group and many, many others, in order to visually present my considerations in the most interesting way possible.

During my travels, I also encounter adventures that I like to describe.

Awards and achievements

  • [2021] 1st place in the competition "Zielony Bełchatów - naturally"
  • [2020] Photo selected for the "Mathematics in Lens" calendar