Cold New York

Spending New Year's Eve in New York has been a dream of mine for years. A week in this amazing city is enough time to get lost among the soaring skyscrapers, listen to the unusual noise generated by the city or admire the 24-hour traffic from the skyscrapers.

It's hard to describe the feeling after landing in your beloved country. The airport, like many others (JFK), American taxis or Americans themselves - ordinary everyday life, but so missed after years of waiting for the opening of borders.

Despite the pandemic and fewer tourists, even several years after the airing of "Joker", crowds flocked to the popular stairs. As a person who is not particularly expressive, I can't imagine dancing on these stairs.

Manhattan Bridge, an extremely popular attraction, the setting of the great movie "Once upon a time in America".

December is quite cold, so subway stations are full of homeless people. Everyone sleeps on the floor, basically most of the benches are designed to prevent this. People pass beggars who usually do not hide their requests for help.

The famous Grand Terminal Station is full of tourists and travelers, there is a constant tumult.

A characteristic element of New York is the constant buzz, intensified by skyscrapers. In a way, it's a very soothing noise. Photographer Robert Frank said that around every corner you can find something new. These words take on an additional dimension due to the fact that he lives in New York.

The nightlife on the streets of New York never ends.

New York is a constant chaos. Sounds of sirens, horns, portable speakers and screaming, drugged people. Movement defines this city, frozen skyscrapers seem to almost shake to the rhythm of Manhattan.

Cathedral of St. Patrick's Square is an iconic place, its shape contrasts with the glass blocks.

The free Staten Ferry passes right next to the industrial estate. On the way back, you can find a similar ferry with tourists sticking out despite the overwhelming cold.

New York is a place where the worlds of wealth and poverty collide constantly.

New York does not stop even for a moment, communication runs around the clock, and you can find practically everything on the streets - even an ice cream parlor in the middle of the night.

Manhattan is the absolute leader of Christmas decorations from which it is impossible to free yourself without closing your eyes.

It is very easy to get lost in dozens of blocks and alleys. A man stops only when his feet start to burn from many hours of walking.

A whole lot of people were skating on one of the ice rinks, while their families were sitting at tables in the neighborhood, enjoying local delicacies.

As the saying goes, you can "eat your eyes". Here the meal is special, because the price of entry to the ice rink is horrendous.

Virtually every element of the urban space is decorated for Christmas.

The head-pounding, frosty wind changed my view of the King Kong movie, where the actress stands on top of a skyscraper in only a dress. Hollywood is indeed a dream factory.

For the first few minutes, it wasn't the animals that were the biggest attraction of the Central Park Zoo. The temperature in the tropical part of it is quite high, which made it possible to come back to life after a few hours in the New York cold.

New York's Greenwich district is full of decorative shop windows and well-maintained tenement houses. The sidewalks are clean and wide, there are no crowds characteristic of the center.

If only the United States were more accessible to a man from Europe, I would gladly live on the corner of these two converging streets.

It's hard to find anyone on a frosty evening. Only between the buildings the wind stops enough not to discourage walking.

Photos from the Natural History Museum and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

During the pandemic, the aquarium in Brooklyn was practically deserted.

Only at this time soulless towers made of steel and glass acquire an unusual charm.

In the third photo, the attraction called Vessel, closed until further notice due to too many suicides with people throwing themselves from the structure.