Charms of USA I

After the hitchhiking part, it was time to change the means of transport.

If only we could relive the first time with the views of the western part of the USA...

After visiting Las Vegas, it's time to visit the national parks in the western part of the USA in a rented car. At the very beginning, Zion, which lies in beloved Utah.

The weather did not change even after reaching the Grand Canyon National Park, which made it much harder to admire its beauty.

We drove on, surrounded by red rocks on both sides of the road. At one point, it seemed as if they would come together, blocking further passage.

Horseshoe was full of tourists, although with a bit of luck it was possible to find a good place to capture its beauty. On the way to the overnight stay, we passed the Colorado Canyon visible from the bridge. Who knows, maybe one day we'll cross it on a kayak...

Being in the area, it is impossible to miss Antelope Canyon. It is usually overcrowded with tourists, so you have to keep your lens (and head) upside down to avoid photographing them.

We took a side road to see the dry canyon. Leaving the vehicle, we followed the path through the fields, where from time to time we could hear suspicious rustling. We quickly jogged back to the car after taking the picture.

It took a lot of effort for the engine of the car to go up the hill. Thanks to this, it was possible to admire the beauty of Bryce Canyon Park from a high vantage point.

Another overnight stay at a state park enhanced by a bonfire.

Wyoming Grand Teton National Park turned out to be one of the first cooler points on the route.

Yellowstone surprised with its extremely diverse flora, full of green forests and geysers.

Mountain goats in Olympic National Park are used to seeing people, although it took some luck to capture one of them unaware that someone was taking pictures of her. Despite August, the road to another park turned into an autumn landscape thanks to streams of light piercing through trees.

The rainforest exceeded all expectations until one would like to discover every corner despite the signs warning against cougars.

Crater Lake was very different from the photos on Google. It was enough to turn around to see a burning, huge area of forest, where the biting smoke also came from. Along the way, there were places with burnt forests, where despite the lack of trees, the area was extremely quiet.

In small villages you can find quite surprising manifestations of local sense of humor.

Sequoia National Park forces tourists to mess with their heads, without which it is impossible to admire infinitely tall trees.

Hollywood turned out to be dark, gloomy, yet shiny and intriguing. Streets filled with tourists, dealers and food vendors are quite an unusual experience.

The doubles of the film characters attracted the attention of tourists not only with costumes, but also with the distinctive features of the actors they imitated.